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Monday phone or online orders will be delivered on Tuesday.


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Annamaet's original canine formulas are made with low ash chicken, salmon, or lamb and healthy whole grains. These products contain chelated minerals and optimum levels of Omega-3 fatty acids to help support the immune system.

Annamaet’s line of grain free canine formulas have helped many dogs dealing with ear, skin and coat issues as well as chronic digestive problems. Annamaet Lean formula was designed to help with canine weight struggles. 

Annamaet has three different feline formulas designed for all stages of your cat’s life.  As with their canine formulas, they use chelated minerals to increase their utilization and support the immune system.  Their feline formulas contain herring meal for added flavor, as well as cranberries to support urinary tract health.





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Annamaet Cold Water Formula Dog Food - Aqualuk 25lbs


Annamaet Dog Sustain Kibble -Pacific Cod 12lbs


Annamaet Grain Free Dog Food - Salcha 12LB


Annamaet Grain Free Ohana Puppy Formula 5lb


Annamaet Original Encore 25% Dog Food - Chicken & Brown Rice 40lbs


Annamaet Original Senior Dog Food - Lamb, Whitefish and Millet 5lb


Annamet Original Encore 25% Protein for Dogs - Chicken & Brown Rice 12lbs